My Secret Vanilla Life

My Secret Vanilla Life: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

VIP Baby Shower - mini-party

So, I'm used to having BIG parties for lots of people. This party was a challenge for me because we were expecting about 10 people... and then only 5 showed up. I felt so bad for the new mommy that her "friends" had totally bailed on her. But, at least I had really cute food and decorations. Whatever. I kept it simple... sorta.
The guest of honor, the soon-to-be-mommy, loved reading tabloids and other entertainment magazines so we thought a celebrity theme would be fun.

I printed out over 100 images of magazine logos for a "step & repeat wall". I placed a long red vinyl table cloth on the floor for the "red carpet". Each guest got their picture taken with the new mommy upon arrival.

We needed celebrity presence and fortunately, Justin Beiber was on clearance at the party store.
Check me out being all sexy, like this kid, while I decorated for the party
And of course, celebrity look-a-likes plastic curtains!
The mommy to be gave me a stack of her magazine to decorate with. I ripped out a bunch of pages, mostly the covers and taped them together for a huge tablecloth. I put a clear plastic tablecloth over the top just in case something spilled on it. 

 For the food: The mommy-to-be requested vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing. We also had non-alcoholic margaritas and sparkling grape juice in plastic goblets.

 The popcorn on the table was real popcorn, but the "popcorn" in the cute bags was actually meringues!

I made individual kernels out of meringue that were slightly tinted yellow
 That's all. It was a mini-party. Too mini for my taste.