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My Secret Vanilla Life: September 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Coolest Bolt Party ever

 My daughter LOVES Bolt.

I had never even heard of the movie and stumbled upon it in a discount bin of DVD's. I figured, "What the heck. She likes dogs. Maybe she'll like this random movie I've never heard of."  Boy, was I right! I thought Beauty and the Beast would be THE ONE that she would forever be in love with, but Bolt and Penny quickly took it's place.

The full Penny costume
She watched the movie over and over and over and wanted to re-enact the movie just as many times. She begged me for a "Penny costume" and for Bolt toys. Well, you know as well as I do that since it wasn't one of Disney's most popular videos, you can't find Bolt merchandise anywhere!
As a surprise, I was able to put together a Penny costume for her and purchased the one and only Bolt toy available on the Disney Store website. Fortunately, the costume was pretty simple once I got the wig from ebay, entitled "Sexy tranny auburn wig NWT", and the "Sexy striped Beetle-juice knee high socks" from Hong Kong. (Who knew this costume would be so sexy?)

Re-enacting a scene from the beginning of the movie.
She decided for her half birthday that she wanted a Bolt themed party. A HALF BIRTHDAY PARTY??? I'M IN! (I love parties.) So here we go...

Believe it or not, we actually had A LOT of kids show up. Word travels fast. I think there might have been about 20 altogether. Most of them watched the movie on Netflix the night before so they would understand parts of the party. Since it was just a "half birthday party", there were no presents or cake. It was basically a really fun, big playdate.

For decorations, we took over 100 pictures of "Penny" to re-create the wall in Bolt's trailer. I cropped them all square and printed them out as regular 4x6 prints. Then, I just chopped off the bottom to look like a Polaroid. That week, a plush "Mittens the cat" listed on eBay and I got it! The mini hotdogs were from the scene where Bolt and Mittens eat in the trailer park. The blue Fruit-by-the-foot was for the leash that tied Bolt and Mittens together.

"The power...of the Stryofoam!"

 I was pretty proud of these boxes. I made them completely by myself, from scratch! The boxes are actually small paper bags cut to look like boxes. I re-created the 'Global Air Freight" logo in photoshop by myself. The "styrofoam" packing peanuts are actually little meringue cookies!

Gotta have Bolt and Mr. Carrot cookies, too. They were delicious!

...and what kind of party for 4 year-olds would be complete without syringe shots? These were at the party store in sets of 6. It's just juice with a touch of green food coloring. These syringes are from the part of the very end of the movie where Dr. Calico tries to 'stick it to' Penny. The kids loved drinking from them!

We had several obstacle courses and races set up in the backyard that had the kids running everywhere. We also played the soundtrack during some of the games to make it more realistic.

Inside, the kids had a few more games including these "lasers" they had to climb through. Before they did the "laser course" they had to get "altered", so they all got lightning bolt "tattoos" with a black washable marker. For craft time, They made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, string and tape. We also made Bolt collars - each kid decorated a plastic gold tag that was attached to a brown ribbon.
She still talks about this party and so do the other kids that were invited. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. :)

**This party took place before I stopped feeding my family gluten and artificial food dyes.**