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My Secret Vanilla Life: February 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Journey to a Healthier Life Begins with Netflix?

Yes, really. If you are ready to change your life for the better the first thing you need to do is educate yourself. Don't you want to know what you are in for before you start a major life change? There are gobs of self-help books out there and to be honest, I'm just not the type that can cozy up to a good book and read for hours. I wish I was. We got Netflix as a replacement for cable so we could monitor what the kids were watching and it turned out to be majorly awesome for us parents as well.
So, before you jump on the first diet fad to help you lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes, watch these movies on Netflix.

The order is based on my opinion of the best viewing order. It doesn't really matter. They are all great!

1. Food, Inc.
2. Supersize Me
3. America the Beautiful
4. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
5. Hungry for Change
6. Forks over Knives
7. Forks over Knives: extended interviews
8. Food Matters
9.The Gerson Miracle
10. The Beautiful Truth
11. Tapped
12. Food Fight
13. Farmaggedon
14. Vegucated

I do have to comment that while "Vegucated" does have many great points, it makes me upset that she seems to be encouraging products like Oreos as  "Vegan food". Well, yes, they are vegan because they're not even "food" at all. That's my only real problem with the film.

Also- While I recommend "America the Beautiful", I do NOT reccomend the sequel, "America the Beautiful 2". It completely disregards a healthy diet and ends with the idea of "just be happpy", as if your health is not important and won't make you happy.
I hope you all can change your lives for the better after educating yourself and making a decision to do things right.

My favorite video (also available on Netflix) is "The Secret." It will change your outlook on life and it works with any person, of any religion, or lack there of.

There you have it. Now go upgrade your life!

UPDATE: Since this post, launched and has almost all of these videos plus more. So, for sure, check them out as well.

Fine Print: I am not at all affiliated with Netflix, or any of these films, nor have I been compensated for anything on this blog. These are simply my own opinions and recommendations. I am not a doctor.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Disney's Frozen Inspired Bedroom

Instead of the usual over-the-top birthday party this year, the twins opted for a Frozen themed bedroom with decorations they can enjoy for more than just one day. This was no easy feat, but after a few weeks and a lot of work, I think it came together very nicely. They love it!

Here's "Elsa's" Frozen side:

 She keeps her Elsa necklace on her clock so that she can put it on first thing in the morning. She wears it everyday.
Here's how I created Elsa's Frozen side of the room:

Elsa's headboard and footboard were made from crackled plastic panels, usual used for fluorescent lighting ceiling panels. For the headboard, I cut out a mountain shape from the plastic. Then I hammered a bunch of nails for the outline and left them sticking out about an inch and half from the wall. I glued little magnets to the back of the plastic to stick to the nails and then it held itself against the wall.
The footboard was attached with magnets as well, since nailing it would have cracked the plastic. I dind't want to glue it and ruin the furniture. After that was installed, I sprayed some swirly spirals with the window-spray-snow-in-a-can stuff. I also hung two clear\iridescent plastic snowflakes and one white snowflake underneath the shelf above the bed. The canopy is a cheapo white mosquito bed net . I added blue and silver ribbon glitter mesh.

The picture frames on the wall were plastic shadow box frames from the craft store. I painted mod-podge on them and sprinkled on Epsom salt to give them an icy-frosted look. Here's a tip: DON'T (accidentally) BUY THE SCENTED EPSOM SALT! (Unless you want it to smell like an Abercrombie & Fitch store - you know, that smelly store you walk past in the mall that gives you a migraine from the stench. Holy cow, that was a lesson learned.) Get regular, unscented.

The mural was just a fun, free-hand painting. I just love painting big swirls and "going with it", wherever the brush leads me. After I was happy with the swirls and colors, I added glittery snowflake wall decals.
The snowflakes hanging from the ceiling are just a cheap, simple decoration from the party store, taped to the ceiling. Super simple.

Now, here's "Anna's Royal side:


Here's how I did it:

I attached several, taped together, large poster prints to the window shade making the image of "Arrendale", as seen from the castle window. On the lower shelf of the is a tissue holder - half frozen and half "be-jeweled". The girls helped decorate it with jewels, sprinkling glitter and adding more Epsom salt.

To create "Anna's" bed I started with this image from the internet -  That, I don't own and don't claim to, but you can Google it, too.

 I started by drawing a rough outline on a giant roll of brown paper (the stuff used for keeping the floors clean in new homes. It comes in giant rolls at Home Depot. It's great for tons of uses.) Then, when I was happy with that, I cut it out and traced it on an 8 foot white board panel.
My husband used a jigsaw to cut the pieces out. Time to prime and paint and paint and paint. After painting all of the pieces, I hand painted the design according to the internet-inspiration photo.

To create the art gallery of portraits during the "first time in Forever" song, I found most of the images on Pinterest. First I gathered an assortment of frames and laid them all out on the floor to figure out how to arrange them. Once I got the arrangement figured out, then I had to figure out which photo would go in which frame.

I printed out each photo (in black and white on the regular printer) just so I could move them around to figure out the arrangement. I was so fortunate to find the big gold frames at Goodwill for only $4 each! They were actually framed mirrors, but that was easily fixed. I took a screw driver to the back of them and knocked those mirrors out. There isn't glass on those frames, but they still look great to me- like the original paintings!
 Both of the girls have a shelf above their bed. Under the shelf, I attached a little tap-light which is perfect for night-book-time.
See it under there?
Her canopy was made from a window panel set from Walmart. I had to cut, re-sew and sew on velcro to it to make it work. It's attached to the underside of the boards with velcro. 

Yes, I was prepared. I stocked up on all things "frozen" during November and December while planning this room. Some of it was even purchased before the movie was in theaters. We just knew this movie was going to be THE movie and it IS. We are Frozen-Crazy!

After all that, we did end up having a small Frozen Birthday party.