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My Secret Vanilla Life: March 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simple Frozen Birthday Party

Instead of the wild, elaborate, outrageous party that we are used to having with 30 kids in attendance, we opted for a VERY small [playdate] party with the twins' closest 4 friends, in exchange for a "Frozen inspired bedroom" (shown in another post) that they can enjoy all year, plus a day trip to Disney World. (We live close and have annual passes.) It was so worth it!
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Easy, Healthy, allergy friendly, (Vegan) snacks for kids

So, you've signed up to bring snack for your kids' class... today. So, 10 minutes before school starts we run into the grocery store and grab something prepared. Unfortunately, most of the time we grab a box of cookies, or cupcakes, or a giant box of Goldfish. While the teachers may appreciate that you remembered to bring in snack on your assigned day, the parents might not love that their child is getting "dessert" as a snack every day.

It's hard to come up with snacks for kids that are not only healthy, easy to prepare and won't leave any "allergy kid" out. Here's my top 10, allergy friendly, healthy "Grab and Go" snacks for kids and busy moms:

Prepworks 16 count apple slicer & corer
1. Apple slices - with this fun little gadget, there's no need to send the teacher a knife and cutting board for the snack time. (Avoiding jail time for sending a weapon to school is always a bonus.)  A bag of organic apples is about $6. If each kids gets about 1/3- 1/2 of an apple, that's probably enough for the whole class. Remember, it only needs to be a SNACK, not a meal. This handy gadget can also be used with pears.

2. Bananas - They are pretty cheap and the only prep work is peeling. Each child only needs half for a snack, maybe a whole one depending on the size of the class.

3. Plain Raisin boxes - Not, the yogurt or chocolate covered. Just raisins.(Organic is even better.) You can get these at the large supermarkets like, Costco or Sam's, and definitely at your grocery store. To save some money, you could buy the raisins in the big container instead of the individual boxes. The teacher can put a handful on a napkin just as easily.

Gorilla munch on Amazon4. Dried Cranberries - These come in individual boxes or the large container just like raisins.

5. Grapes - Seriously, grab a bag, wash, distribute, enjoy. It doesn't get much easier.

6. Gorilla Munch - No, not cheerios. GORILLA MUNCH. This stuff is so good, organic, GMO-free, low sugar, allergy friendly and you can keep a giant, bpa-free, container for lots of snacks! I order it in bulk because my kids love it so much.

7. Dried bananas (or freeze dried) - Check the labels to make sure there aren't crazy chemicals in them. My kids like the dried bananas chips, plantain chips and LOVE the freeze dried bananas.

8. Veggie Chips (or Veggie Stix)- Yes, they have oil in them, but they aren't that bad. I mean, they have veggies in them!  They are tasty and filling. I don't mind my kids having them for an occasional snack.

9. Corn chips -  Be careful with this one. Make sure they are Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and don't contain any chemicals or sugars.If you want to get fancy, you could add some homemade guacamole. But, that takes time and you usually have to eat it right away. However, it would be a fun, quick little recipe to teach the kids in the class.

10. Brown rice cakes - Again, make sure these are Organic and non-GMO and free of chemicals and sugars. If there aren't any allergies to worry about in the class, you can add hummus spread, non-gmo peanut butter, Justin's almond butter, or for a special treat - Justin's Hazelnut spread- yum!

Now, you have no excuse! ...except for maybe your 4 kids, the car won't start,  you just had a baby, etc. Hey, I tried to make it a little easier for you!  Good Luck :)